Hirose UK, which is one of the UK FSA regulated forex brokers, is currently using the Meta Trader 4 trading platform. If so far you have only been able to use the Lion Trader platform provided by Hirose UK, now you can use the most popular trading platform in the world. namely Meta Trader 4. You may know the broker Hirose UK from the forex no deposit bonus program that I have discussed here. And this Hirose UK no-deposit bonus is still ongoing today, of course with the presence of the Meta Trader 4 trading platform, it makes it easier for those of you who have been experiencing difficulties in carrying out trading activities using the Lion Trader platform.

Some time ago, broker Hirose UK did a survey of all its customers. One of the questions in the survey was about the trading platform. I personally gave advice to Hirose UK about the ease of trading if the Meta Trader 4 platform was provided. And apparently not long after the survey, Hirose UK provided additional facilities by providing the Meta Trader 4 trading platform to all its customers. I personally see this as a seriousness of Hirose UK broker in providing maximum service.

There are some differences regarding trading conditions if you use Meta Trader 4 provided by Hirose UK broker. The main difference when compared to the Lion Trader trading platform is the spread. As we all know, if we use Lion Trader, forex spreads are very low, but if we use Meta Trader 4, then forex spreads are slightly higher than Lion Trader.

If you want to try to start playing forex trading online with Hirose UK, and you are used to using the MT4 trading platform, then you can try this. You can directly download Hirose UK MT4 at http://www.hiroseuk.com .

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