Guide on how to create a FasaPay account. Currently, many traders are confused in choosing a forex payment instrument. This was mainly due to the Liberty Reserve case which was closed due to a money laundering case. Actually, there are many choices of forex payment instruments that can be used by traders to facilitate forex transactions, such as making deposits and withdrawals. If I have previously provided a guide on how to create a Moneybookers/Skrril account as an alternative forex payment instrument, this time I will again provide a guide regarding the choice of payment instrument, which can be used for transactions with a forex broker, namely a guide on how to create a FasaPay account.

To register for FasaPay is not difficult. We just need to fill in several forms, and also verify our FasaPay account using an ID card/SIM, so we already have a FasaPay account that is ready to be used for forex transactions, either to deposit funds to a broker, or to withdraw funds from a broker. the broker we use.

FasaPay itself is an online payment instrument which is a domestic product. If all this time we use online payment tools for forex transactions using foreign products, such as Liberty Reserve, Moneybookers, or Paypal, then there is nothing wrong if we try to use our own domestic products. FasaPay is a trademark owned by PT. Fasa Centra Artajaya which has been established since January 11, 2011. For more details, here I include the FasaPay profile that you need to know before deciding to create a FasaPay account:

PT Fasa Centra Artajaya was established based on strong legality with the following details:

Based on the FasaPay profile data above, of course this is enough to strengthen that FasaPay is indeed a worthy payment instrument for us to try, as a forex payment instrument. For those of you who are interested in having a FasaPay account, here I will provide a complete guide on how to create a FasaPay account.

The following is a complete guide on how to create a FasaPay account:

  1. Please go to the FasaPay website by clicking this link: Register FasaPay
  2. After that, you can choose the Register Now or Sign UP menu on the main page of the FasaPay website
  3. Please fill in the complete FasaPay account registration form, fill in your actual data.
  4. After you successfully register (submit the registration form), you will receive a registration confirmation email from FasaPay, please check the email, and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.
  5. After you confirm the registration email, you will get details to login to the FasaPay account that you just created. And you will also get a FasaPay ID.
  6. The next step to create a FasaPay account is to verify your FasaPay account. To verify your FasaPay account, please login to your FasaPay account, and enter the Profile menu, there will be an Upload Identity option. Please upload your identity, such as a scan of your KTP/SIM/Passport. If so, then you just have to wait for the verification process. In my experience, the verification process takes 1-2 days.
  7. If your FasaPay account has been verified, you will receive a confirmation email from FasaPay informing you that your account has been verified. You can check by logging into your FasaPay account, and see the status of your FasaPay account, whether it has been verified or not. If it is properly verified, then your FasaPay account is ready to be used to make forex transactions.

That was the complete guide on how to create a FasaPay account that you can follow to have a FasaPay account. Currently, there are many forex brokers that accept FasaPay payment instruments for deposit and withdrawal processes, one of the forex brokers that accepts FasaPay is Exness. That’s the guide on how to create a FasaPay account that I can give, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who are in need of alternative forex payment tools

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